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Our Best Protein Powder

We Know Protein

Formulated by a team of research scientists, EidoPro Protein Powder delivers the precise benefits of whey protein, without any filler. This fast-acting, complete protein contains all essential amino acids which are critical for the building of lean muscle and the recovery phase of any fitness regimen.

Protein Powder Line-up

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Protein Powder Recipes

Add even more protein to your diet

We have tested a number of great recipes using EidoPro Protein Powder. Because our protein powder has a neutral taste and is extremely soluable, it is easy to enhance basic recipes for muffins, bars, cakes and cookies. Try one of our recipes, or get creative and add some EidoPro Protein Powder to your own baking.

Baking with Protein Powder

Protein Buying Guide

Make an educated choice

Plant vs. dairy-based. Isolate vs. concentrate. We've done the research for you in this easy-to-use buying guide that will help demystify the complex world of protein powder. If you are wondering why your current protein powder hasn't helped you achieve your fitness goals, this guide may have the answer.

Protein Powder Education